Examples of the Kinds of Experiences our Clients Might Have

These stories are composites based on real people. Results cannot be generalized, and I cannot guarantee that you (or anyone else) will achieve similar outcomes.
Tom, a police officer in a medium-sized city, and his wife Mary feel frustrated because they don’t have enough money each month. Tom feels Mary spends “extravagantly” on hair, nails, clothes, and shoes. But Mary says Tom spends a lot more on “expensive hunting and fishing trips with the boys.” Since they make all purchases on credit cards, they are saddled with debt repayments every month.
Tom wants to begin saving for retirement. Mary, who is still paying off her college loans, wants to start saving for their kids’ college education.

What I Would Do

My first step involves creating discretionary spending accounts for each partner. A review of insurance policies turns up an additional life insurance policy but reveals a need for more home and auto coverage.

Insurance restructuring creates some cash flow that can be used to save for their children’s education. With discretionary spending accounts, vacations and “fun” purchases get paid in cash. The couple now saves $2-5000 a year in interest and additional insurance premiums.