What is the Global Financial Education Program?

The Global Financial Education Program is the first large-scale program targeted at those just above and below the poverty line in developing countries. It is led by a strategic partnership between two U.S. based organizations, Microfinance Opportunities, and Freedom from Hunger. The Global Financial Education Program develops curriculum targeted to low-income households and trains a broad range of service organizations to use it.

The Global Financial Education Program now focuses on three main activities: 1) disseminating its curriculum around the globe through training of trainers events and technical assistance; 2) developing new curricula, and 3) measuring outcomes of financial education programs. For all activities, the program is looking for institutional partners to join a growing global network of financial educators.

The initial funding for the program came from the Citi Foundation. More recently the program has received funding from AMFIU/DFID, Bansefi/USTDA.